Pick Up Procedure Survey

In order to improve the security procedure in our children’s ministry, we would like to propose a new ticket system to replace our current check in & out procedure for all the elementary and preschool students as well as our nursery babies & toddlers.

The new procedure requires parents/authorized guardians to present the pick up ticket before they are allowed to pick up their child(ren). Since we need parents/authorized guardians’ cooperation to successfully implement the procedure, we need parents/authorized guardians to tell us if we should proceed to replace the current procedure.

为了加强儿童部的安全措施,我们建议用新的票根系统(ticket system)来代替现有的学年,学龄前和育婴室里的登记 (check in)和 领取 (check out)程序。新的系统需要父母/授权监护人在领取小孩时必须把Pick up ticket 交回给我们的同工才能领取小孩。这个程序需要父母/授权监护人的配搭才能有效的进行。所以在还没进行这个新的程序之前,我们需要父母/授权监护人给我们知道是否需要替换现有的程序。