This is a special program created to equip and train youth to serve in the children’s ministry.


HS 11-12th – Teacher
HS 9-10th – Teacher – depends on individuals (CM to determine) – those can’t be a teacher – can be a helper

MS – 7-8th – helpers

Note: this program is currently not available for 6th graders

Steps to Sign Up:

  1. Sign up online by filling up the form below.
  2. Candidates must go through the compulsory online trainings
  3. Class visit will be arranged for the final candidate before they serve.
  4. The existing CM teacher will be observing in the classroom while the youth teacher is teaching. Instructions will be provided by the existing CM teacher if the youth comes to serve as a helper.
  5. CM teachers/observers will provide feedback and words of encouragement to Youth teachers/helpers at the end of the serving period.


To avoid pulling too many students out from the Youth’s Sunday school classes, only one youth (either teacher or helper) from each classroom will be allowed to serve in the children’s ministry.